Employee Interview: Mirka's MultiMind story (Marketing) 2

28 april 2020

Hi Mirka! You joined the MultiMind family around two years ago. We'd love to hear your story.

Could you start with introducing yourself?

My name is Mirka, I am originally Finnish but have lived abroad now for over 17 years. The past 3,5 years I have lived in Oslo in Norway. I am working in a global technology company, in their product marketing department. In my spare time I volunteer at the local Red Cross and try to spend time enjoying outdoor sports.

How did you become a MultiMind consultant? What is the story about?

I noticed a job posting on LinkedIn and applied within hours that it was posted and had a call from MultiMind the next day. Then the interviews followed and I got this amazing job.

How long have you been working as a MultiMind consultant and how does it feel?

I have been working as a consultant now for almost exactly two years and it has been a smooth process and I have gained a lot of valuable work experience.

Do you have some experiences from different industries? If yes, what kind of industries have you been working in?

In that past I have worked in retail, travel, beauty and sport industries and now consumer electronics as well, so it has been a very exciting journey and so worth it. All of them have their own quirks as well as similarities.

What is your dream job?

I think it keeps evolving still and depends on the day you ask. My dream job is definitely a job that gives me the opportunity to constantly learn something new and where there are great people to work with, and the values of the company match mine.

Thank you Mirka! We are very proud to have you as a MultiMind employee!