Employee Interview: Johanna's MultiMind Story

23 mars 2020

Hi Johanna! You joined the MultiMind family in December 2019. We'd love to hear your story. 

Why don't you introduce yourself! Who are you, where are you working at the moment, what you like to do in a spare time?

Sure! I’m Johanna Lappalainen, 28-years old. I am from Finland and moved to Stockholm last December. I work as a Finnish Customer Service Specialist on assignment with Sandvik. Besides my work, I’m studying for logistics engineer at Jyväskylä School of Applied Sciences. In a spare time I like to do sports, like going to the gym and playing tennis.

How did you become a MultiMind employee? What is the story behind your employment?

That’s a good story. It was October 2019 when I was looking for a job in a Finnish job site called Oikotie. I found a job ad from MultiMind and I figured that I should try this opportunity and I sent an open application. I waited a bit, time flew, and I was feeling like no one would contact me. Then one beautiful day my phone rang responding to my application. I was presented with a job opportunity that matched my profile and that got me excited. We booked a video interview, which went well and MultiMind promised to contact me.

A while later I was visiting in Stockholm, it was just a random trip and suddenly I got a phone call from MultiMind saying that client wanted to meet me. I went to the interview and after the interview, I already had a winner feeling because it was my first interview in a foreign language, and it went really well. Later, after I had gone back to Finland I got a call back from MultiMind saying that I got the job. It made me so happy! I had 3 weeks to handle all the practical things in Finland also find an apartment in Sweden.

I wasn't prepared for how difficult it will be to get an apartment in Stockholm. I had three different apartment options in total that one by one cancelled. One day before moving to Sweden, my second apartment was cancelled and I had no apartment. Then I started to look for the third apartment and managed to get it the very same day I arrived in Sweden. I think I managed to get an apartment because I was lucky, and I didn't give up (not to mention the Finnish tough attitude.)

What is your proudest moment or biggest goal you have achieved in life so far?

I think of moving to Stockholm so far. It was a pretty huge change in my life. The process before moving to Stockholm included many things to do both in Finland and in Sweden. It wasn’t just to move, I also had to figure out how to find an apartment, get a Swedish ID, bank account, Swedish phone number, etc. 

What is your dream job?

After moving to Stockholm, I'm so in love with this city. I want to stay here and would like to work within business and logistics. I am especially interested in business support management and logistics.

Have you noticed any differences in the work culture between Finland and Sweden?

The biggest difference in the work culture is that in Sweden, there is more discussion with the work community about work issues. You can express your own opinions and thoughts on issues more openly. More social interaction between the work colleagues and here they appreciate employees differently.

Thank you Johanna, we are very proud to have you as a MultiMind employee!